welcome to color coded speak, a post-deathly hallows, trio era harry potter roleplay that was established in april 2016. we have a plethora of canons for you to pick from, and multiple shipper apps to apply with!

the original concept of the site is credited to ashley, kassie, and hannah.

please register in lowercase.
may, 2002
7th may: we have a posting competition in play! click me

27th april: there has been a skin change. if there are any issues, please contact peach!

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this is going to be where all of the important things are in terms of what we expect from you. you can find questions in here we anticipated people asking, the rules are in here. just be cool, baby be cool.
site plot timeline by wizengamot

May 31 2018, 12:06 PM

any huge announcements we'll have will be here! look here often, as you might miss them when we link in the cbox or something of the sort. so just remember to check here.
this forum is for literally everything else! a lot of the things we introduce to the site, like posting competitions, the quidditch league and publications will go here. you'll also find things like otopnal templates and our events masterlist in here, so have a good look around!
if you have any interest in joining the site, then look here! we have an application that also doubles as a shipper as opposed to the traditional route so make sure you understand that and what we expect of you. remember that applications can sit for seven days in unfinished and in pending for three days. happy applying!
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Jul 15 2018, 02:58 PM

here at color coded speak, please remember to post back in the other person's shipper. and using the reply code is mandatory
JORDAN, lee s. by luna lovegood

Jul 15 2018, 09:47 PM

remember that all the pinned topics are mandatory. you'll receive a pm if you don't fill them all out! they're not necessarily for claiming, but we do like to keep track of various things.
member directory by william weasley

Jul 14 2018, 05:45 PM

make sure to check these out! another thing is to make sure to check out the face claim to see what faces are being requested. you aren't required to take one of the faces, but just to be courteous. you can bump a wanted ad once every two weeks.
hate that I love you by padma patil

Yesterday at 08:09 pm

any extras you have for your character go here! they can consist of zodiac, maybe aesthetics. there's also a tracker in here and an area to show your ships some real love.
lup's tracker by luna lovegood

Jul 15 2018, 10:13 PM

roulette by wizengamot

Jul 14 2018, 07:12 AM

escape to the sun by yuna dawlish

Yesterday at 08:25 am

this board is for anything out of character - as the title suggests. we do also have a member only board! feel free to post anything in here,
but the most important thing in this forum is probably the absence forum.
advertising boards, the backbone of any site, right?? we accept any server as long as we can link back, and you can post as many times as you want as long as we can do it back. please make sure you post in the right place. your ad will be deleted if we can't post back, or if you post in the wrong place.
Fugue State [JCINK] by Yukie

Today at 12:09 pm

everything that is deemed inactive; completed; abandoned; etc. please post in moderation if we need to move something back.

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